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The James Bay region is prolific for its hard rock lithium endowment, hosting numerous spodumene showings, four deposits with defined resources (Whabouchi (Nemaska Lithium), Rose (Critical Element), Cyr (Alkem) and Moblan (Sayona)), as well as more recent discoveries such as Corvette (Patriot Battery Metals). 

The key advantages of the James Bay region are the quality of its infrastructure & the supportive relationship with the Cree First Nation
Prolific area to produce lithium
The excellent geoscientific database, a favorable Archean geological setting with already known lithium deposits, and an early exploration stage
Lithium hydroxide is becoming more desirable by battery producers

AC/DC lithium project

The project consists of 516 contiguous claims totaling approximately 26,581 hectares adjoining both of Rio Tinto’s Kaanaayaa and Mythril Regional lithium projects.

Located in the James Bay region in the La Grande sub-province of the Superior Province, various intrusive suites including the lithium pegmatite prospective source rocks of the Vieux Comptoir Granitic Suite as well as metamorphosed mafic to ultramafic volcanic sequences (greenstone) have been identified on the property.

Lithium claims: Cover the Vieux comptoir granite intrusion

The property encompasses amphibolized mafic volcanics (greenstone) of the Rouget and Corvette Formations and plutons of the Vieux Comptoir Intrusive suite, similar to the geological setting that hosts both the Cancet and Corvette lithium projects. Both Cancet and Corvette are hosted by amphibolite rocks of Guyer Group, which is similar in age to the Rouget formation (Mesoarchean).

The northwest trending mafic volcanics of Rouget and Corvette Formations and associated Vieux Comptoir suite continue northwest to the adjacent Rio Tino/Exploration Azimut Inc. and Rio Tinto/Exploration Midland Inc. project areas.

These are advanced rocks, typically characterized by a pegmatitic texture, a granitic composition and contain several minerals such as biotite, muscovite, tourmaline, garnet, beryl and spodumene. These rocks are also known to host K-feldspar granite phases in pegmatite form which may host an abundance of spodumene.

AC/DC Property

Rio Tinto adjoining Kanaayaa Project shares geology with AC/DC Project

The Kaanaayaa Property (421 claims, 216 km2) is 25.6 kM long and hosts several granitic intrusions surrounded by paragneiss and metavolcanics, including ultramafic rocks. Several coincidental Li-Cs-Rb-Ga anomalies have been identified from detailed multi-element lake sediment geochemistry.

AC/DC property initial field Program

Remote sensing and Exploration program

Based on the results of the remote sensing data analysis and processing twelve (12) anomalous target areas have been identified across the two properties.

  • 5 primary and numerous smaller secondary targets are identified at the AC/DC property.
  • 7 primary and numerous smaller secondary targets are identified at the La Fleur property.


Strike lengths of the individual target trends range in length from 1 to 15km in length and are between 100m to 1,000m in width and are generally oriented in a northeasterly trending direction.

Each of the anomalous trends contain numerous dyke-like structures identified from high resolution orthophotography. Individual dyke-like structures range in length between 20 –500m or greater, often occur in clusters and are generally noted to occur in conformant orientation to the target trends.

An immediate exploration program has been established to follow up on these priority targets prior to winter. The program will include prospecting, geological mapping and sampling of pegmatite outcrops. Results are to be expected 5-6 weeks following the completion of the program and will help define 2024 exploration initiatives.

Snake lithium project

The project consists of 424 contiguous claims totaling approximately 21,700 hectares adjoining Brunswick Explorations’ Arwen lithium discovery in the western region of James Bay.

Located east of Patriot Battery Metals, the Snake Lithium project is within a similar geological setting to Alkem’s James Bay Lithium project hosting 40Mt @ 1.4% LiO and Nemaska’s Whabouchi Lithium project hosting 36.6Mt @ 1.48% LiO.

In this western region of James Bay, just south of Radisson, there are numerous up-and-coming companies with prospective lithium results that encircle the Snake Lithium Project. These companies include Harfang Exploration, Brunswick Exploration, Quebec Precious Minerals and Ophir, all of which have announced drill programs that have either commenced this winter or will begin in early 2024.

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