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A novel chemical extraction process to recover lithium


Partnership with Penn State University, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, to further develop novel patent-pending technology for direct extraction of Lithium from alpha-spodumene. The current process of lithium extraction requires calcination of the spodumene at a temperature of 1100 ℃ to transform the natural crystalline form of spodumene to its beta form which can be leached through a further acid baking process at 250 ℃. This is a costly and energy and chemical extensive process. Penn State University College of Earth and Mineral Sciences has a patent-pending breakthrough technology that offers a way to extract the lithium directly from alpha-spodumene with recovery up to 95%. This new process eliminates the calcination process significantly reducing cost, chemical consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Hertz has acquired the exclusive worldwide licensing rights to utilize this technology.

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Partnership Highlights

Patent-Pending process for Direct Extraction of lithium from a- spodumene

PCT/US2021/018727 applications filed by Penn State in 2021

Efficient process design allowing for reduced energy consumption, significantly lower CO2 emissions, reduced chemical costs and fewer facility components

Strategic partnership with Penn State University

Technology ready for pilot-scale testing

Exclusive license with global use rights

Conventional Process and Drawbacks

Process Flow

Advantages of the novel patent-pending process

Further stages of development