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Spodumene is the word of the year for the mineral exploration industry around the world.

Spodumene, a brittle crystalline mineral of the pyroxene group that varies in color from transparent white to yellow, gray, green and purple, is the most common mineral mined for lithium in pegmatites.

With recent demand for lithium for electrical batteries driving wild gyrations in the price of lithium, investors have been cashing in on what this generational investment opportunity is currently offering.  With lithium prices fluctuating in dramatic fashions, many lithium millionaires(billionaires) have been created in the last eighteen months either from being long or short in lithium exploration company stocks and riding the price fluctuations.

James Bay, Quebec, Canada has emerged as a lithium mineral exploration hot bed for companies searching for lithium deposits around the world.

Patriot Battery Minerals (V.PMET) (AX:PMT) has discovered what “may become” the largest and highest grade lithium deposit in the world at their Corvette Lithium Discovery. This has propelled PMET stock from a low of CAD$0.16 in 2020 to a June 3, 2023 price of CAD$16.10, providing whopping return that would have resulted in a $10,000 investment now being worth $1,000,000 in PMET stock for investors.

Figure 1 – Patriot Battery Metals Stock Chart

“The Corvette Property is one of the largest and highest-grade hard rock lithium projects being explored, with over 50 kilometres of strike length over a 214 square kilometre land package and over 70 lithium bearing pegmatite outcrops identified to date.” Source

In addition to PMET, Winsome Resources of Australia (ASX:WR1) has discovered a lithium deposit at their Adina Project and has been getting phenomenal drill results over the past year,  providing investors with exceptional  results on the Winsome Resources stock price. Winsome’s shares have gone from AUD$0.37 on June 6, 2022 to a high of AUD$2.52 earlier this year.

As a result of these discoveries, Jams Bay has become known as the NEXT LITHIUM DISTRICT of the world and many junior mineral exploration companies have acquired projects in the region.

Q2 Metals Corp. (V.QTWO) is a Canadian mineral exploration company currently advancing exploration of its 8,668 hectare flagship Mia Lithium Property in the James Bay area of Quebec, Canada. Mia is host to the Mia Li-1 and Mia Li-2 occurrences with grades of 0.47% Li2O and 2.27% Li2O respectively. QTWO has recently seen their stock price almost double in value on anticipation of this summers exploration results.

Ophir Gold (V.OPHR)is a diversified Lithium and Precious Metal exploration company focused on exploration and development of the Radius Lithium Property in James Bay, Quebec. OPHR has also recently seen its stock price run from $.20 to near $.50 in anticipation of this years upcoming exploration program.

Brunswick Exploration (V.BRW) is also exploring for Lithium in James Bay and has obtained a market valuation near $165,000,000 with its stock price going from CAD$0.30 to a current price of $0.90 over the past year.

Myself, I am CEO of Bullrun Capital Inc, a privately held company, and Coloured Ties Capital Inc. (V.TIE), a publicly listed investment issuer, both focused on business incubation and opportunities that disrupt their industry. Over the past 18 months both companies have been heavily involved in the search for lithium in James Bay, Quebec.  Our holdings in James Bay include:

Quebec Pegmatite Inc (QPC), a private company currently undergoing an RTO with First Responder Technologies (V.WPN). The Company holds the Vieux Comptoir and Mazerac Lithium projects, and has options to acquire the Agastya Projects in James Bay.  QPC’s projects are prospective for lithium deposits and have historically mapped pegmatites as shown on the attached maps.

Superior International Mining (V.SUI) holds an option to earn 100% of the Vieux Comptoir project from QPC and has recently seen its stock price rise from a 52 week low of CAD$0.16 to CAD$.40 on Friday, June 3 ,2023.

Agastya Minerals is a private company that is advancing the Madina 1-2-3 and the Mountie Lithium projects as shown on the map below.  The Madina projects adjoin Winsome Resources Adina discovery and share the same greenstone belt. The Mountie Lithium Project adjoins Brunswick Resources James Bay project and has numerous lithium surface samples and pegmatite occurrences that have been mapped from historical explorations that were previously not targeting lithium mineralization.

Canuck Lithium (private, but soon to go public) holds the AC/DC and Lafleur lithium projects which are also historically mapped to hold numerous pegmatite outcrops and lithium sample results (see map below).

All of the above projects are planned to be subject of extensive exploration programs for the upcoming season.


As a result of the lithium discoveries by PMET and Winsome, and historically mapped pegmatites and lithium samples in the James Bay area, there has been close to $200,000,000 in “flow thru” exploration funding raised by various companies for mineral exploration in James Bay in 2023.

The summer, on the ground exploration season for James Bay, opens in June and young and hungry crews are raring to unleash their exploration skills on the area in hopes of new discoveries that can mirror PMET or Winsome discoveries and provide investment returns to investors.

Lithium is fueling the electric vehicle and electric battery movement and is considered a “generational” investment opportunity by many mineral exploration investors in 2023.

Figure 2 – James Bay Regional Map of Projects

Canadian, Australian and worldwide mineral exploration investors are eagerly awaiting results from James Bay surface exploration programs from various companies over the next weeks and months and excitement is in in the air in this sector of the investment industry. Might be worth watching this lithium sector and especially James Bay, Quebec exploration results over the coming weeks and months.


Bullrun Capital sympathizes with the current fire danger around all of Canada and in the James Bay Region of Quebec and respects the Quebec Governments mandate to cease all mineral exploration activities in the Province until the fire danger subsides. Furthermore, Bullrun management respects decisions by James Bay Lithium exploration companies which include Patriot Battery Metals at their Corvette Lithium Discovery, Winsome Resources at their Adina Lithium Discovery and early stage explorers Q2 Metals Corp, Ophir Gold, Champion Electric as well companies funded by Bullrun Capital Inc halt all exploration programs until the fire danger has been mitigated. Bullrun Capital Inc associated lithium companies active in the James Bay lithium exploration include Superior Mining International and private companies, Canuck Lithium, Quebec Pegmatite and Agastya Minerals.

Management is hopeful that weather conditions will quickly change and rain will mitigate the fire danger in the coming days and weeks, but the fact remains the lithium prospects in James Bay Region are going to remain very strong and survive any fire danger time periods.

In addition, Bullrun Capital founded, Hertz Lithium is continuing aggressive exploration programs at its Lucky Mica project along the Arizona Pegmatite Belt. More info is at https://hertz-energy.com.

Caution: The writer is an investor or executive in most of the companies mentioned in this article and urges readers to obtain their own independent investment advice prior to making investment decisions.


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